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INDIVIDUAL VOICE COACHING SESSIONS with America's Got Talent Finalist, Lead Singer of "William Close's The Earth Harp Collective": Rafe Pearlman:

Are you someone who sings in the shower, or sings along to the radio, but always wished you could develop your skills further?  Or are you already writing songs and want feedback and help on improv ing your singing, finding your natural voice and songwriting? Perhaps you're nervous about your public speaking and want to develop more confidence and convey more natural, authentic confidence in your voice? You'll receive supportive guidance tailored to your specific level and goals in singing, songwriting, strengthening and expanding the voice, presence, confidence and projection in performing and/or public speaking.  Rafe's sessions are tailored to you. He offers support and guidance in exploring creative expression, embodiment and authenticity. 

VOICE LESSONS/ VOICE COACHING  For ADULTS & for  Children/Tweens/Teens: Kids ages 11 and up.

SESSIONS AVAILABLE via INTERNET (live-video-sessions through your smartphone, computer, or tablet) or IN-PERSON with Rafe, when he's not on tour, in Seattle. 


 CALL (833)864-2348


  • Increase your confidence in speaking and singing

  • Find and expand your vocal range

  • Protect and warm up your voice properly

  • Free your voice

  • Deepen your resonance

  • Learn to project

  • Expand your creativity

  • Develop your songwriting

  • Develop your stage presence

  • Achieve your Highest Potential


When Rafe is not touring with The Earth Harp Collective, he is voice-coaching, writing music, performing at churches, solo performances, practicing yoga, hiking, and cooking healthy meals with his wife, marriage and family therapist, Zia Sunseri.

OR CLICK HERE TO CONTACT RAFE for a consultation and rates or write to: rafe@rafepearlman.com


AGT Finalist: Singing Live On America's Got Talent, AGT, as the lead singer for William Close and The Earth Harp Collective: 



Musician. Soundhealer. Voice Coach: Rafe Pearlman