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SALTSPRING ISLAND, B.C., Natural Voice Soundhealing Retreat

Come join us in the amazing beautiful Canadian Gulf Islands!


FRI/SAT/SUN  JULY 24/25/26 

at Ram Spring Wellness Gatehouse 

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In a playful and supportive, empowering space we'll progress gradually through a series of fun exercises and experiences that help us get in touch with our natural voice and spontaneity. The natural voice springs from our natural state of being. Both introverts and extroverts will enjoy:

*developing our creative capacity + spontaneity

*breath work/warming up and protecting the voice

*sacred language/mantra/cross-cultural chant, call & response

*opportunities for individual experimentation and expression (no pressure and not required:)

*sound healing experiences

Lead by Rafe Pearlman www.rafepearlman.com. Sound healer/shamanic counselor Zia Sunseri will be assisting with sound healing instruments and energetic support.  www.ziasunseri.com

There's nothing more personal and powerful than the voice as an instrument because it's so connected with our identity and life force.  Finding our natural vocal expression involves a connection with our breath, body and primal spirit. Come to be guided to connect with your authentic, embodied self, breath, voice.

You need not have any prior singing experience to be able to join and all levels of singers will benefit from this creative, experiential environment.


FRIDAY JULY 24 EVENING (@RAM SPRINGS) : 1.5 hours CONCERT/SOUNDBATH : open to the public, if you sign up for the workshop it’s free, Otherwise sliding scale, suggested donation of $20-25

SATURDAY JULY 25 MORNING & AFTERNOON (@GATEHOUSE) : 4 hours total session, broken into two segments separated by lunch 

SUNDAY JULY 26 MORNING (@GATEHOUSE) 2 hours morning session and evening CONCERT/SOUNDBATH (full group participation)

TOTAL COST FOR FULL WEEKEND $180 USD early bird / $200 latecomers
(accommodations not included)


DESCRIPTION: A soundbath is an improvised live concert of ambient sound vibrations that shift the listener’s body and consciousness into deep relaxation and restorative biological states, offering a mini-retreat from the busy outside world. Many people attend soundbaths to reduce the effects of stress and clear tension or blockages in the mind/body/emotions/spirit, in order to feel cleansed and replenished. Instruments utilized in this soundbath will include: voice/vocal toning, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, and an opportunity for participants to contribute their voices in call & response chanting.

So looking forward to singing with you soon!!!
rafe and zia