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SoundSpa Libra Rising 2017 w/ MIM (Music is Medicine)

SoundSpa Libra Rising 2017
Soundbath + Voice Activations + Aromatherapy
with Rafe and Zia (aka MIM:Music Is Medicine)

This SoundSpa is an intentional activation of the celestial harmony of Libra.

DATE: SUNDAY SEPT. 24th 2017

TIME:  7-9pm (doors open 6:30pm)

LOCATION:@ "The Well" @ Queen Anne United Methodist Church
1606 5th Avenue West, Seattle WA 98119


This SOUNDSPA includes....

  • SOUNDBATH (improvised live ambient concert) 
  • including VOICE ACTIVATIONS by Rafe Pearlman + Zia Sunseri aka MiM: Music Is Medicine
  • AROMATHERAPY: highest quality organic essences charged with quartz crystals
  • SPACE TO *RECLINE and RELAX* OR TO *MOVE YOUR BODY*: for those who want to move their body/go into internally-focused ecstatic dance, there will be opportunity: otherwise feel free to simply recline, relax, and be trance-ported...

Doors: Open @6:30 pm to get settled in.
Doors Lock 7:00pm to start the event on time*
*No refunds for latecomers, so be sure to arrive before 7pm.