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Rafe Pearlman@MOSMA W/Tyler Bates & Band, Malaga, Spain: Eduardo Ocon Theater

Rafe Pearlman sings with Tyler Bates band in Malaga, Spain @ Eduardo Ocón open-air venue in Malaga, SPAIN

"Gods & Monsters" program:  - music by Tyler Bates" - MOSMA MAIN THEME

Free access maximum capacity Until
Performed by: Tyler Bates and his band

• Tyler Bates (guitarviol and electric guitar)

• Lola Bates (bass guitar)

• Rafe Pearlman (voice)

• Gil Sharone (Drums and percussion)

• Timothy Williams (director and piano)

• George Adrian (electric guitar and saz)

• Joel J. Richard (electric guitar)

• Gustavo Bornerr (sound engineer)


"Californication" - Main Title

"300" - To Victory (Main Title)

"300" - The Hot Gates

"Suckerpunch" - White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane song transitions into score)

"Suckerpunch" - World War 1 pt.3 (epic score version of White Rabbit)

"Watchmen" - I Love You

"Get Carter" - Main Title

"Super" - Two Perfect Moments

"Super" - Libby Goes Down

"The Way" - Tom Alone

"The Way" - Pamplona

"The Way" - The Journey Is the Destination

"John Wick" - Warehouse Smackdown

"John Wick 2" - Presto Museum Battle

"John Wick 2" - Plastic Heart (Main Theme song)

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac song)

"Guardians of the Galaxy" - Black Tears

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2" - Guardians Inferno (Guardians Disco song)

"The Belko Experiment" - California Bleeding (Spanish punk rock version of California Dreaming)