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One special night of

Nishmat Shabbat
“A Strange Fire : Merging with the True Light of One’s Infinite Being” 

Rabbi Olivier BenHaim and Rafe Pearlman invite you to share in a mystical experience of Shabbat, the evening of Union with the Beloved.

Chanting, Guided Meditation, Songs, Prayers and Teachings...joining us on percussion will be Jeff Kimes.


You don't need to be Jewish to be a part of this Universal Experience!

At these unique events our teachers share their passion for meditation, mystical chant and the deeper transformational messages of Mystical Judaism's non-dual spiritual teachings. Silent and guided meditations, ecstatic chanting and dancing, are alternately offered throughout the evening, with the Kavanah (intention) of experiencing as One the transcendent-masculine and immanent-feminine aspects of Being. 

Chairs will be provided for meditation. You are welcome, however, to bring your own meditation cushion for the evening. Feel free to wear comfortable, nice clothes...white clothing is traditional on Shabbat but not necessary at all.  Please wear what makes you feel yourself and beautiful.