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When we heal ourselves, our presence becomes more healing to those around us.

WHAT TO EXPECT: In a beautiful healing space, where you will sit on cushions or recline comfortably on the healing mat with blankets, Rafe will listen to your needs and goals and join in the Intention you are setting for the session. Then Rafe will channel celestial energies through his singing voice . His voice-activations will be specifically created uniquely for you, to help you release energetic blockages in mind, body, and spirit, and to manifest your intention. In addition to his voice, Rafe may also use Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles, tuning forks, or gongs to create ambient acoustic sounds that soothe the nervous system and bring you into a deeply restorative state.  You will emerge lighter, brighter, and more grounded. Sessions with Rafe are truly transformative. 


Wear Comfortable Clothing to be free to sit on cushions on the floor, or lay on the soundhealing mat. Eat lightly, be hydrated, avoid caffeine right before sessions. Rafe provides herbal tea or sparkling water if you forget your bottle or thermos. Arrive on time, but not early please: as there is Not a waiting room at the Soundhealing Studio: Therefore, please do Not knock on the door before your session time, as oftentimes Rafe has only ten minutes between clients, and may not be ready for you yet.  If you arrive late, the session still must end on time, to respect everyone’s schedules. Thank you!

STEP 1) PRE-PAY TO REGISTER for a session ($140/50 mins $210/75 mins)

SLIDING SCALE: If the regular rate poses a true financial hardship for you, please contact Rafe@Rafepearlman.com He offers a percentage of his clients a sliding scale rate.

STEP 2) Fill out Rafe’s “Soundhealing Client Intake Form”.  This info remains completely confidential, and is to  assess your needs, goals, health, and to make sure Rafe feels that his healing service is appropriate and would be beneficial for you. Email rafe@rafepearlman.com for a copy of the Intake Form.

STEP 3) Rafe will contact you via telephone or email to schedule your appointment.

Thank yourself for taking this step.....Rafe's soundhealing sessions are a powerful gift of healing to give yourself.