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SOUNDHEALING: Humans are genetically hardwired to respond to certain vibrations and rhythms that affect our nervous system positively and increase restorative responses including cellular cleansing and pleasurable, healing relaxation response.  Also, certain ambient sound, particularly of certain frequencies, combinations particular  rhythms, produces a state of consciousness that tends to be characterized by theta waves in the brain. Theta wave brain states are associated with increased brain-plasticity, restorative biological functions, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (calming), and increased creative functioning, as well as lucid dreaming. Therefore, when we set our intentions during a soundbath or soundhealing session, we use our conscious intention amplified by the effects of the sound, to clear the body-mind of blockages, to re-program and entrain the nervous system & brain. The soundhealer, Rafe Pearlman, creates the sounds that are designed to increase more theta activity in listener's brains, leaving you to feel more balanced, restored and refreshed. 

Soundhealing has its basis in ancient aboriginal arts worldwide and has at least fifty years of research in anthropological medicine and neuroscience that begins to explain some of what the shamans and mystics have known about the healing power of sound for centuries.  Our ancestors, no matter who we are, can be traced back to tribal people who used sound to heal: voice, drums, rattles, and even sophisticated soundhealing chambers such as those in Ancient Egypt. Our genes remember.